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Nov 1, 2011
This game comes from the developer of the famous witcher series, i.e CDprojekt

CD Projekt RED has officially announced the title of its upcoming Cyberpunk RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. The game will take place in the world of Mike Pondsmith's pen-and-paper role playing game, and will feature a "multi-thread, nonlinear story designed for mature players." The company also revealed the game's new website and developer blog.

“The Team has to love the material. The Team has to want to be faithful to the material. The Team has to have the skills to execute the material and see that vision through to the end. They have to be on fire with the desire to make an extraordinary game.
And that leads, at last, to why we hooked up with CD Projekt RED” – Mike Pondsmith commented, why he has chosen to work with the Polish game developer.

The cyberpunk atmosphere, well known from William Gibson’s novels, the “Blade Runner” movie and the famous pen-and-paper game, “Cyberpunk 2020”, will surround the player. The creators promise that “Cyberpunk 2077” will be true to the essence of the cyberpunk genre. Players will be thrown into the dark future of the year 2077 and into a world where advanced technologies have become both the salvation and the curse of humanity. A multi-thread, nonlinear story designed for mature players (a CD Projekt RED trademark) will take place in the sprawling metropolis of Night City and its surroundings. Players will have a chance to visit places well known from “Cyberpunk 2020”, including a combat zone completely taken over by gangs, the legendary Afterlife joint and the nostalgic Forlorn Hope.

Freedom of action and diversity in gameplay will be delivered thanks to the sandbox nature of the game and mechanics inspired by the “Cyberpunk 2020” pen-and-paper system, fine tuned to meet the requirements of a modern RPG. Gameplay will pump adrenaline through players’ veins and be consistent with the celebrated Cyberpunk spirit – rebellion, style, edge, uncertainty. And of course, a cyberpunk reality cannot be deprived of murderous steel – guns, rifles, implants, dozens of gadgets and other varied pieces of equipment needed to survive on the streets of Night City. The developers are focused on making the technology of 2077 credible and exciting.
Cyberpunk 2077 title reveal - YouTube

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Sep 17, 2009
Here's a trailer from an upcoming game from the makers of the 'Witcher'....the trailer looks gr8 and the concept is something to look forward to. Its also said that may take long as 2015 to release.


While it’s not clear exactly how artificial modification will fit into the gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED managing director Adam Badowski provided some insight into how commonplace body modification is in Night City.

“In 2077 as we imagine it, technology will be so advanced that implants will fit in the tip of a needle, making modification easy. The decision to change will therefore be largely aesthetic and ostensibly harmless. Realskin synthetic skin looks real but is better than real. It’s soft, it has pores that subtly release sweat, but it is so much more. It’s amazing, those who adopt it look like pumped, modified dolls, because they are perfect, or some version of it. When people choose modification, they’re making a statement, they’re expressing a preference.”

“When somebody walks around with a chrome hand, it’s not because there’s some underlying technology that makes their hand look like that. It’s because they think chrome hands look cool. When somebody has a leg with servomotors, it’s because they choose to look extreme (like the best new carbon fiber bike). And their choice is completely based on style, it extends and enriches their style. You’ll get access to a rich arsenal of firearms, but if you want to have blades because they look cool, go for it. All these elements will make it into Cyberpunk 2077. 'Style Over Substance' is our core theme, after all.”

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Apr 26, 2008
The bad thing is that game is too far away. But still waiting is better than a dumb game.


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Nov 28, 2008
These guys release when it's done and when they feel it's done. Till I hear them say the dates, I wouldn't go guessing it's release dates.
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Jul 18, 2010
Impressive animation. I thought, she was the real model with those eyes.