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CPU Fan NOT WOrking


Yesterday night suddenly my pc went off.astonished,i turned it again and again my pc went off after a few minuites.I Shut it down and then today morning again i turned it on and again it went off abruptly after an hour.after turning it on forthe third time i noticed that the cpu temp is 113 degs. i looked inside the cabinet and the saw the cpu fan is not running now my questions are -
1.Pc is Still tuening on fine so my cpu is okay right? Its a Propus

2.Is The CPU Fan covered under CPU Warranty?

3.If Not Can you Please suggest a CPU Fan/Cooler for cheap? i know Coolermaster Hyper Is The Best but I Cant Afford it right Now



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First verify that ur MB cpu fan header/pin is ok the fan in the system fan header & see it spins else post u current config so that we can suggest vaild alternates


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CPU fan is covered under warranty and a good after market cooler like CM Hyper TX3 will cost 1.2k but try the steps suggested by mithun_mrg first ;-)
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