[Contest] Challenge #2 - Your favourite cheats / tactics [FIFA 16]


In this challenge, all you have to do is...

... share your best cheats / tactics while playing FIFA 16. That's it!


Let us know of them below.

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Broken In
best tactic is to use ur goalie as a sweeper keeper. kinda like m.neuer of germany u know. that extra defender attacking the penalty box always f*cks wid da offensive players.

10436997 is my gamer id.....


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Like to do handstands with my goal celebrations. So it's Hold R2 and rotate Right Analog-stick 360 degrees counterclockwise on PS4, if I remember correctly.

Gamer ID: 10442037


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let's see... change difficulty to legendary... get my ass kicked... roll back difficulty to semi pro... RULE THE FIFA 16 UNIVERSE!

& of course, wallow in self pity...

(gamer id 10444587)


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Gamer ID : 10412444

One of my favorite tactics in FIFA 16 is not even from FIFA, it's from CS:GO :p .

So basically, rush the goal at the whistle :p Trust me, with the right passes and some speed control, I've managed to score quite a few times in the initial few minutes of the game. If you're not too confident, just maintain possession till atleast a couple of your teammates show up. Make sure that your forwards are accurate though!


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Damn I'm so excited, this is definitely a big giveaway.

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Tactic: play to win. It's okay to distract the opponent by stealing his phone or threatening to break it if he is playing good
My gamer id: saske9800


Gaming is Life
I can't really say much about FIFA 16 as I only occasionally play it at my friend's house and even then I play very casually so my best advise would be to just relax while you play this game. FIFA is an amazing game to just chill back and have some fun without being too serious, at least that is the way I play it :p

Also I agree with zombgamer , foot fake can be very effective :)

My Gamer ID is 10479688
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