[Contest] Challenge #2 - Your favourite cheats / tactics [Dota 2]


In this challenge, all you have to do is...

... share your best cheats / tactics while playing Dota 2. That's it!


Let us know of them below.

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You mean like hacks?

That even I want to know about.

Google.. and most hacks are premiums you need to pay to get to know.

BTW, I think OP wanted to know about tactics in games like juking in dota 2 , or buy smoke and get into enemy fountain so that the fountain doesnot hit you, or that pudge Chen combo which was famous during TI2 etc.


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My strategy in solo matchmaking: Mute everyone at beginning of match.

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I really don't like using cheat codes but to enable cheats while playing through console, one should use sv_cheats 1. That's a common tip.

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I really don't like using cheat codes but to enable cheats while playing through console, one should use sv_cheats 1. That's a common tip.

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First is not actually a cheat/tactics, I use Logitech G600 which has horizontal scroll which is 2 extra buttons on tilting the scroll wheel to the left and right, basically it is used for navigation when in file explorer or web explorer. I set these 2 buttons as Next Unit and Prev Unit under Control Groups Settings, gives easy access to cycle through summoned units. Really helpful while playing meepo (next,poof,next,poof...), lone druid or warlock.

Second is a trick that I started using few months back when many would pick Zeus in pub, carry Smoke of Deceit and use in case you have low hp and Zeus has his ultimate active, easy counter.

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  • Great juke spot at roshan pit:
    Example1 and zai using this juke spot to escape.

  • How to double stack 2 camps at once with huskar. You won't find this anywhere else on internet. I discovered this myself.
    Double stack 2 camps with huskar - Streamabl and Double stack 2 camps with huskar - Streamabl

  • Another extra tip regarding roshan. If you stand at the junction of the pit, you can see the inside and outside of the roshan pit without being spotted. Example. Notice here that slark's shadow dance passive is active. You can solo roshan with huskar at this spot whilst having vision of the rune area.

  • If you're playing mid with a hero which has no wave clear and you want to contest rune, use the creep aggro technique to pull the creeps under your tower and have it damage the creeps (do this at near the 30-40sec mark). This should push the lane allowing you to contest the rune. I don't think you'll find this trick anywhere on the internet either (even the famous chaq's mid guide).
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i suck at rts games. moba, too.

but whenever i play dota, i try to not engage with enemy for the longest time, fighting off npcs and leveling up my hero. like a coiled cobra, i bide my time, waiting for the enemy to come to strike me. THEN I STRIKE BACK!!! (i know i'm a n00b, this is all for the xBOX, beleev me)

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I'm that guy in the team who has the least amount of patience. So... I do a mid lane rush!!! Kill or get killed, is my motto.



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Damn I'm so excited, this is definitely a big giveaway.

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For once I downloaded DOTA 2 because it was free 2 play. And I learnt the following :

Trick : If you choose Luna (the firey girl) dont (and i mean never) engage at main fighting line. Gain XP and then stick with someone. Luna is a very valuable player.

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I like playing with a good carry from time to time such as with Troll Warlord, who's a hard carry.

When playing with such heroes, always team up with heroes who have good stuns such as Vengeful Spirit. Dominate the lane that you're pushing from by focusing on farming until you have a 2nd level ulti. Then start focusing on perfecting your build before going against gankers like Brewmaster. Again, always stick with the team because that is key when playing as a pusher.


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When you are playing unranked, kill steal only when you are a carry and then take your team to victory.

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