Connecting Vista Home with XP home

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I recently bought a Dell lappie which came with Vista Home premum SP1 , i m trying to coonect it with my home compaq PC Xp HOME fully updated... via Ethernet cable

I have set Ip addres for Vista home and for XP home...and subnet mast for both I can ping both machines... even play multiplayer AOE II on them . Obviously can Ping each other..

But i just cannot open using command \\192.168.1 or .2 ... An error occurs... can u ppl suggest some method how to enable this.. So that i can copy files from XP home to Vista Home.

I can see both pc in Network map of Vista

Note : i am using same workgroup : TEST for both pc

plz help or i will tear my hairs off my head ......


Have you enabled file sharing and given folders on the pc sharing permission? If so, try entering \\\share and see if you can access it... Sometimes I find that just entering host name does not give access but if you enter the share name also, access is provided...

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