connecting net in fc6

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Hi guys,
I have installed fc6 & want to connect net through bsnl dataone.
i have seen one thread about configuring bsnl dataone, there he has mentioned to select ur nic card from the list.

But my nic card is RTL 8168/8111 gigabit nic, since my mobo is Asus p5b. so wht to do?
Plz help me


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why are you creating thread, instead of asking it there itself ?

So, are you not able to see your NIC in the list ?

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@jatinkompelli visit bsnl office near parwati theater and ask line man to install data 1 on Linux :p
or go to compu shop near kt builders office opposite to uti bank and callup guy called mustafa may be he will setup data 1 on linux 4 u :D

if both location is far for u than
this is the only option left :)
click here
[Tutorial] Configuring an Always On DataOne on gnu/Linux (

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@desi-tek thanks for the help, I will try by doing myself if not done then i will go to the place mentioned by u.

btw where do u live. if in vasai where?
wht is ur name?
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