Confused, help !!


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Want to buy a smartphone (with wifi, good camera etc) in the price range 7-8k.
Till now I narrowed it down to
1) Samsung Galaxy POP
2) Nokia C5-03

Both are available for 7.5k

There are pros and cons for both the sets. Samsung being android ahve lots of apps, also stack a bigger RAM !! Nokia, has a better camera, screen resolution and better battery backup. So I just cant choose !!

I will primarily use the phone during this puja (in kolkata) to take pictures (in sunlight, not in some dark alley, so flash doesnt matter). Also I have a wifi modem, will do a lot of browsing through this phone and downloading. And I guess I will use a few apps (does symbian really have very few variety of apps than android ?? ).

Also if someone wants to suggest any other phone, please feel free !!
Thanks !!
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