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[Want to Buy] Computer Table mumbai


I need a good computer table, A flat top one.

similar to ones given below.

need asap and mumbai sellers only for obvious reasons.

Should be cosmetically good

without abuses ;)

Send me quick pm's along with a pic.


Who would sell an entire computer table?

I suggest you check out local furniture stores or overpriced furniture malls like Home Town, @Home etc.

OT: The pic on the left has poor design. It will fry the cabinet and in short is actually an oven that utilising your PC for heat.


no cabinet will be kept on top :)
n yup few people may be looking for a change
Ill buy a table from local shop if no offers, btw furniture is overpriced btw


Broken In
I bought an L section and cut it to make a support beam for this kind of flat top computer table, and not only that, I had to make sure the support structure would be stable with its own column support. In the 'oven' section I'm resting my legs :D (the furniture store guy made the table with it positioned in the middle).

I enjoy the stilted-floors design now a lot more. The monitor can be placed well to the desired height to the eye, etc etc. Almost all the tables made since long are so horrific with the oven-ness they incorporate.

As of now, the monitors are slimmer, so I keep the cabinet right behind it with the I/O panel to the right. Nice, more table space and more legroom :D. Even then, it has to be changed in favor of the stilted-floor design in soon enough time.
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