Computer shuts off suddenly

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My system of late has started acting up
Usually when i'm connected to the net it just switches of as though the power supply has gone off an then continues to reboot and says a system error has occured.
No viruses or spyware was detected by NIS 2005 ,Spybot or MS Antispyware . I have faced no problems with my sys so far but what's up with my pc and can anyone temme how to stop this


when did u bought ur pc??

the problem may be due to the battery in ur UPS , the battery need to be replaced every 2 or 3 years


If this happens as soon as you connect to your net its either a driver or a device fault.


Have you enabled automatic reboot on error? Disable it so that you can see the BSOD. The error info on the BSOD will help in identifying the cause of the error... Note it down and run a google on it... Or post that info in this forum and we can help you out...



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Check the processor cooling fan. Check that the thermal paste nd whether the het sink is firmly attached with the processor. Sometimes it seems that the cooling system is ok but a very small gap between the heatsink and the processor make the PC behave this way. Also check for the MSBLAST.EXE Virus, if you use Windows XP, without Service Pack 2. In that case a message will appear and sy that a remote system call was placed and the PC will shut down in 60 seconds. Then you have to download a small utility from trendmicro or symentac website and also apply service pack 2.
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