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Computer doesnt starts after long Power cut...


This.. Is.. Sparta..!!
I am having this unusual behavior in my PC.

When I start My PC, after it not being connected to Power supply for more than 1 or more hours, it doesn't boot!
-The start sound is there (normal boot sound)
But only red LED is lit. The green LED doesnt lights.
-Monitor screen is like not connected to PC
-No bios SETUP, OS is out of question

This happen always. I have to wait for about 5 minutes, and then only the computer starts normally.

My computer Settings:
300W PSU
MSI G41 Board
Core 2 duo 2.66Ghz processor
80GB HDD + 500GB HDD
Normal Mouse and keyboard
GT440 Graphics card (added recently, before adding same problem)

Sometimes when i plug out and plug in Mouse or other cables the computer starts easily.
How can i Solve this Problem??
Thanks for your help


The Mighty Unkel!!!
Staff member
+1 to PSU issue.

Also try disconnecting the HDD and see if you get a POST.


@@remrow : Seems one of your capcitors in ur smps has conked off.....
I assume this is a generic psu that came with your cabinet.

If possible get hold of another and test again


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1. Most probably PSU issue but do check the memory modules and memory slots and make sure they are OK.
2. Try resetting bios or replace the CMOS battery.
3 . Also do check your primary gfx option - it should be set as pci-e ( peg ) and you shuld disable the onboard bios and sharing of system ram with IGP manually from bios.
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