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Codemasters get F1 game rights! Finally.

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Codemasters, developer and publisher of award-winning racing video games, has secured the exclusive video game rights to FORMULA 1™ it was announced on Friday. In a worldwide licensing agreement with Formula One Administration Limited, Codemasters will develop a new generation of the multi-million selling Formula One game franchise across multiple platforms.

Codemasters Studios, creators of genre-leading racing titles Colin McRae: DiRT™ and Race Driver: GRID™, will lead the design and development of official FIA Formula One World Championship games for home console, handheld and PC gaming formats.
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Ah, finally, Codemasters bagged it, awesome, now we see decent F1 gaming in a year's time. (..In your face EA..)


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Just hope EA's monopoly with regard to some other franchises (FIFA, NBA, Cricket) also comes to an end. Those series of games are getting crappier every year.


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I wish something like this happened for SBK, cause after 2000 there was none as good and complete as EA's SBK 2001.


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that god. Am huge F1 game fan. but couldn't play it coz of Sony's PS exclusive release. Good to see that it will be available on PC and I hope that they release it asap :)


WTF does EA has to do with this? :|
the last F1 (pc) game WAS from EA. after that Sony bought F1 rights till now.

just HOPE that the next F1 doesnt become ALL SHOW (gfx.) NO GO (gameplay) like CMR DiRT.

The FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP games will be developed using the evolution of the award-winning EGO™ Game Technology Engine, Codemasters’ highly versatile cross-platform middleware technology. Its advanced graphics and physics technology brings an unmatched cinematic quality and realism to interactive entertainment.

The EGO Engine is currently being deployed in the creation of Race Driver: GRID™, the latest in Codemasters Studio’s international circuit-based racing series. Set to be a landmark release when it launches on May 30th, Race Driver: GRID was recently hailed as “The driving game of the summer” by BBC Top Gear magazine.

i wish EA buy out the WRC license:)), which agin Sony has.:x

Requests for the new f1 game.

go post yours:D
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