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china claming north sikkim?

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:China has surprised India by laying claim on a small tract of land in North Sikkim, even threatening this week to demolish existing stone structures there. India has strongly rebutted these claims, lodged an official protest and barred Chinese troops from entering the area.

Referred to as the “Finger Area” by Indian armed forces, this territory falls north of Gyangyong in Sikkim and overlooks a strategically important valley known as the Sora Funnel. It contains several stone cairns, which are essentially heaps of stones that can be used for shelter. The area is in the northernmost tip of Sikkim, north of a place called Gyangyong, and appears like a protruding finger on the map — hence the name Finger Area.

On Thursday, at the periodic division commander-level flag meeting in Nathu La, India made it clear that it will not allow Chinese troops to enter the area and will strongly enforce this measure. While this was not the first time in the past five months that India was asking Chinese troops to stay away, sources said, this time it underlined stronger enforcement.


Even many areas under Arunachal Pradesh are occupied by China but India is mum to it and now those Chini are after Sikkim...wtf??


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i want those chinese MFs to go to hell.......

btw - why do many people in this forum not care about this chinese menace??


I shouldn't say like this but looking at the response its clear that North Eastern States of India are not given much importance, they are always neglected, don't know why??

P.S. Yes i'm frm NE


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well,india is shrinking too small :( yes,NE are neglected ,but even states like mizoram where ppl tells those coming from other parts of India(be it aryan/dravidian/NI or SI) as "Indians" :| what 2 say!!

I think,it will be a bloody dooms day if ever china force occupy those places :|

...and yes,India is VERY afraid of china!remember the old china-india war!they almost came to main land india.

I really want to know what ppl from far north eastern india :?: are you interested in India?


Yes India is afraid of china, when there is some wrong doing by china on account of India then India never replies harshly but with live and affection, the Indian politicians would go to china to make friendship and bhai bhai rishta but now it's clear that China doesn't want any friendship with us.

As on he part of neglecting and all, I think some people of NE doesn't behave well with rest Indians so it adds nagative point on the same part


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I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords.

With a spineless political structure and a toothless army, we're not supposed to be any good at such things anyway. Better let the Chinese take India as they did to Tibet. Then we'll have the much lusted after "superpower" status and title, probably.

Either that, or get rid of this castrated democratic republic and choose an alternative.

Oh, and arrest me for speaking against democracy now. That's about all you can do.
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