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  1. msn

    Need Guidance - BCA from Sikkim Manipal Distance Education

    Hello All, I am planning to finish off my graduation. I am working in IT field (Tech Support) and now want to complete my BCA. I am working in a BPO as a Tech Support. My question - Is Sikkim Manipal a good university - I will join correspondence in BCA. Sikkim Manipal does not have...
  2. kool

    CAT-2012 Query regarding filling "TYPE OF UNIVERSITY" mine: SMUDE_BBA , HELP ME Please :)

    somebody help me.. I'm doing BBA by "Sikkim Manipal Distance Education" which is recognized by UGC-DEC & on this site its mentioned by HRD also. Sikkim Manipal University : IAIT Just now completed my form, and in TYPE OF UNIVERSITY, i selected recognized by HRD ministry, >> state...
  3. varuog

    Earthquake in Sikkim

    Hi friends, I was looking for a thread on this topic but didn't find any. So decided to create one. How many of you experienced yesterday's tremors? Do share your views about it. As for me, I was in my hometown Siliguri when the quake took place. I was watching the movie "Mere Brother...
  4. R

    MBA Banking & Finance From Sikkim Manipal

    How is the course of Sikkim Manipal Uni..... MBA Banking & Finance, guys I require your opinion as I am very keen in joining this course. Do Banks accept this degree
  5. Tech.Masti

    Sikkim Manipal University / ICFAI ??

    hi, my friend want to take admission to distant MBA/MCA..... i told him about Sikkim Manipal University / ICFAI I know about IGNOU, but heard that its tough to pass from here:( I heard that SMU courses are easier to pass than other university's, is this true?? anyone here SMU students...
  6. phuchungbhutia

    china claming north sikkim?

    :China has surprised India by laying claim on a small tract of land in North Sikkim, even threatening this week to demolish existing stone structures there. India has strongly rebutted these claims, lodged an official protest and barred Chinese troops from entering the area. Referred to as...
  7. phuchungbhutia

    43 day fast continues....

    BE A CONCERN CITIZEN PLEASE !! sikkim-my beautiful sikkim Dear Friends We take pride in being Sikkimese . Sikkim with a polulation of just over five lakhs is known as the most peaceful state of India, our state is gaining popularity these days as the favourite tourist destination with...
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