1. S

    Any good Red Hat Training Institute in Delhi?

    I want to get RHCE Certified,please help me in finding any good Red Hat Institution in Delhi.I currently have zero/no knowledge of Linux.Want a hands on training on linux,that's why i want to enroll in RHCE Course.I want to begin the course as early as possible.Please help me in locating a good...

    CCna in banglore

    im looking to do ccna from banglore next week. cud you suggest nice institution for the same.and also there is ccna,ccna voice and ccna security. which one it do u think have more job oppertunities.and is there any cloud certified courses provided by any institution in banglore? one more...
  3. vamsi_krishna

    Recommend Some CAT training institutes..

    Wanna take training of CAT after my UG. I'm from a small town, so i don't know much about training institutes. So, please tell me any decent institution that provide coaching for CAT. Awaiting Replies... Thanks.
  4. S

    US monoploy on domain name extensions .edu

    We have an educational institution which is recognized by all boards of education in our country...and also considered as one of the best edu institution in whole country but when we try to register an .edu domain for the institution ..we found that it is virtually impossible why this...
  5. S

    MIS software...?

    I was just made a part of small MIS development project of high school (+2)where my friend teaches .So i dont know much about these MIS and all but she says that she can invest some money to buy a software and install it there .. so what i wan tto know is , which is best ,may be good software...
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