CCNA +CCNP.. Good for future or not?


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There are great career opportunities for ccna and ccnp choosing career in it can surely prove beneficial.
Regarding package i think it depend on profile and company as well.


Hello amritpal2489

First Do CCNA then you will have option of various types of CCNP
You can go for CCNP specialization in Routing,Switching,VOIP,Security

tella Lansell

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Almost every IT companies required a network engineer or a network administrator to manage their LAN as well as WAN network. As Cisco got the lion share in network domain, as a beginner and being CCNA certified there will be huge opportunities waiting for you out there.


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I am really passionate about networking and I scored well in my college as i am passed out and want to complete the certifications Please suggest training institutes for the CCNA in Delhi or Hyderabad or Pune.

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Right off the assembly line
I want to be ccna certified, but i dont know how to do it ( as i m beginner ).So if somebody could help me out how else can i study and get ccna? Please help me out, i shall b really thankful to you for replying.
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