Can't get audio from PC. 3.5mm jack broke down. Please help.

Last night, i don't know how, the 3.5mm audio jack in the front of my Cooler Master Elite 310 cabinet broke down and now whenever i plug in my Intex 2.1 speakers's cable in it, it doesn't work. I showed it to a local computer shop and they said there's nothing they can do and i'll have to change my cabinet or get a 5.1 speakers as my Cabinet has 5.1 audio ports in the back from the motherboard. But i'm gonna purchase a MSI R7770 and XBOX 360 controller for PC so i am out of budget and can't afford a new cabinet or 5.1 speakers. So if anyone has a solution that how i can get audio from my PC, please help me. I'm really in a big trouble.


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there are 6 audio ports on my motherboard but none of them is giving me is sound. IMG0019A.jpg

in which port i have to plug in my audio cable and what settings i'll have to choose on my PC?


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in control panel open realtek HD audio(or something like that) & in there you should see option after inserting jack to configure as 2.1/5.1 output.
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