1. F

    Connect two 3.5mm devices to single speaker with 3.5mm input

    Hi all, I want to connect my DTH box audio output (aux 3.5mm output) and my PC audio output (line out 3.5mm) to Samsung 2.1 speakers which have 3.5mm stereo in port. Please tell me if there is any type of selector box available which can be used for switching between DTH and PC output...
  2. R

    USB Versus 3.5MM Jack Headphones !

    Hi TDF, I'm planning to get a gaming headset. Budget Approx 4K. Should I go for 3.5mm Jack or USB Headphones. Whats the difference ? Well if it was 3.5mm could use on phones ! But Quality and Sound Clarity matters ! Prefer a Mic too ! Your Expertise needed here in Understanding 3.5MM vs USB !
  3. L

    oem earphones sold on websites like shopclues and focalprice ..are they worth it??

    hi guys.. i just came across some earphones being sold on focalprice and shopclues for pretty darn good price..beats by dre,sony,skullcandy ,sennheiser, etc all are available Sony MDR-EX085 High Quality S around Sound 3.5mm Audio Headphone Mobiles & Tablets :: Mobile & Tablet Accessories...
  4. V2IBH2V

    Optical to 3.5mm converter

    Ok so my TV has only an optical out.. How can i convert it to 3.5mm jack? Plz provide a link to those amps that can convert it.. Im tired of googling now :(
  5. speedyguy

    Is sound card required to get 4.1 surround

    I have recently purchased iBall Tarang 4.1 speakers. It has only R-L input (RCA) and the pin (other side of cable for PC/Players) also has only one stereophonic jack (3.5mm) which I connect to my laptop. Another note, my laptop(Lenovo T410) also has only one 3.5mm slot (3-pin compatible for...
  6. G

    Can't get audio from PC. 3.5mm jack broke down. Please help.

    Last night, i don't know how, the 3.5mm audio jack in the front of my Cooler Master Elite 310 cabinet broke down and now whenever i plug in my Intex 2.1 speakers's cable in it, it doesn't work. I showed it to a local computer shop and they said there's nothing they can do and i'll have to change...
  7. H

    Suggestion on Headphone

    I'm trying to buy a headphone/earphone to use both for my pc and mobile.. within budget Rs. 1600 ...I've shortlisted two ... Razer moray and Sennheiser CX 180 ... So my question is which one is better? and do they work in PC?? I mean I know they both have 3.5mm jack...but I wanna be sure that...
  8. avichandana20000

    [Tutorial] Cassette to CD

    This tutorial is regarding HOW TO RECORD CASSETTES TO YOUR COMPUTER AND THEN BURN IT IN YOUR CD/DVD All most all of us have old cassettes in our home catching piles of dust and gradually dying out. So before they rest in peace revive them . There are two sections for this operation...
  9. J

    Need advice to connect 2.1 speakers to 5.1 channels of dvd player

    Hi, I am new here, looking for some expert advice.:?: Few days back I purchased "Edifier M3200 Surround Sound 2.1 Speaker System" :grin: This system having only 3.5mm jack option available. Now I am planning to buy " Philips DVP3336/94" as it serve all my purpose. But the problem...
  10. patkim

    3.5mm audio selector switch

    Does anything like a 3.5mm audio selector switch exists? I connect my TV Tuner output or even mobile audio out to the line in. instead of pulling out chords everytime, just wondering if any 3.5 mm stereo selector switch exists so that I can just switch between inputs.
  11. himangshu

    Best camera phone with 3.5mm jack under 12k

    As the title says it, I want the best Camera phone with 3.5mm jack under 12k. It should atleast have a 3.2mp cam with autofocus and flash.
  12. G

    Is this Phone good for Rs.7500.

    Hello friends, What do you think about this phone HP iPAQ voice messenger for Rs.7500. Is there any better phone at this price. And does this have a 3.5mm earplug connector? *st2.gsmarena.com/vv/pics/hp/hp-ipaq-voice-messenger-1.jpg
  13. IronCruz

    Sony Ericsson 3.5mm

    Hi guyz. I'm using SE Naite phone. I want to buy a 3.5mm converter. Is it available?What is it's price?
  14. nbaztec

    Converting 2x2.1 into 4.2

    Ok, I know 4.2s don't officially exist. So I was thinking is it possible to connect another 2.1, that will *produce* the bass response? to to say Centre/Left/Right. Line Out will be used by a working 2.1. Else if I buy 2xRCA(F) to 3.5mm converter then can I connect these to Left & Right &...
  15. MetalheadGautham

    Buying some "small stuff"

    I'm going to SP Road and National Market (bangalore) today and/or tomorrow and am on the hunt for some small purchases all totaling to under 1K. Things include: Bluetooth USB Adapter USB Hub to split 1 USB port into many Many-in-one card reader (better if its integrated with USB hub) Blank...
  16. Pranav Prakash

    Does N73me supports 3.5mm jack.

    Can Anyone tell me, if n73me have 3.5mm jack or not. If not then please suggest me a symbian phone within 15000 which have 3.5mm jack.
  17. A

    2.5MM to 3.5MM Converter

    can anybody tell me where i get this converter in mumbai ?
  18. S

    Samsung YP-K3 Review!

    Its a birthday gift from me to me!! Price: 6K Features: FM Tuner, 2GB or 4GB (i have 2 GB) memory, 20 Hrs battery life, Photo viewer, Text Viewer, Customizable Equalizer. Design: Very sleek, front panel is scratch proof and has a glossy look... this makes fornt panel get finger prints...
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