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Cant find a suitable laptop for basic use!!


I have a good PC , need a backup laptop.
to keep turned on for hours to download large files.
and to browse internet when there is no power to run my main PC.
I have no intention to use a laptop while travelling.
Main concern in loooong battery backup. HDD is must.
there were my options.
Acer ES1-131 - 11.6",celeron 3050, 2GB, 7 hour, 18K (+RAM upgrade)
Acer ES1-521 - 15.6",APU A4 -6210, 4GB, 5-6 hour, 18K (+RAM Upgrade*)

Then I saw something that give more feature for the price that I pay!
Fujitsu A555 - 15.6", i3 5th gen, 8GB, 8 hour, 22K

What should I do ? Is Fujitsu good ? its bulky, cant find parts online.
Its way confusing.

If you know any laptop under, which give backup more than 5 hours (not in power-saving mode) please suggest. (should be under 30K and 35K if it has dedicated graphics)
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