Can we shift from application support to development role...?


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In that case, releasing papers doesn't matter. Also it's about 3 Months. If you are on Probation Period just bash them in face and move out.


quit and quickly get a dev job in some small company for very less money
improve and move up the ladder .. as in small company to big company

that's exactly how its done. many top companies hire developers only from IITs and NITs.. but there are plenty of others who come join after 2yrs of experience just because they are really talented and can crack the stupid dumb absurdly difficult useless interviews

btw you need to start and apply for interviews right away from today, this is part of the practice.. more you give, better you become..
if you wait for 1 yr to prepare, its never going to happen...

oh and also move to bangalore, you are in mumbai expecting a dev job and climbing up the ladder by switching companies yearly ? not going to happen... LOL.. :D
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thankx guyz.....All your suggestions will definitely help me in the current scenario as well as in the near future...!


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If you are not in rush for urgent money, i would say join a small company. There's many startups now-a-days in India.
Small company does not mean small package compared to the bigones. You may start small but you will grow faster.
Though you may have to play many roles/responsibilities. Plus side is you will have better exposure & knowledge compared to big companies.

And about location I would say go to Bangalore, your sustainable cost will be around Rs.8000/per month.
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