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Can I use this RAM scheme?

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I already have 2x1GB of transcend 800 in dual channel. I am planning to buy 2x2 GB of DDR2 800 RAM so that I can have a total of 6 GBs.

Can I use the remaining 2 slots to set up the new modules in dual channel mode?
| | | | <- Ram slots
1 2 1 2 <- This is the scheme that I am talking about. 1 = 1 GB; 2 = 2GB.

Can I use any other brand like Kingston etc. with the current transcend modules?

Also tell me how much longer can my XFX 8600GT 512 DDR2 work :confused:? I want to buy a 4850 but right now its not in my budget:-(.


Go ahead, do it and make your day. U can do it! If u r into serious gaming then beg ur folks to increase ur budget and get a HD4850, sooner u get it the better.
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