can anyone tell me whats the total number of internet users

Discussion in 'Internet & WWW' started by hellomotto, Jun 2, 2006.

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    Feb 17, 2006
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    can anyone tell me whats the total number of internet users in INdia?
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    Jun 5, 2006
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    Internet Industry in India
    ISP Licenses Issued
    540 Approx.
    Operational ISPs
    185 Approx.
    Cities/Towns covered
    340 Approx.
    Internet Subscribers
    3.3 million Approx.
    Cyber Cafes / Public Access Kiosks
    12,000 Approx.
    In-principal approval for setting up Int'l Gateways
    45 ISPs
    Operational Int'l Gateways by 8 – 9 ISPs
    40 +
    Total Estimated Investment made by ISPs
    Rs. 6000 crores
    Estimated Investment made on Eqpt. by ISPs
    Rs. 2500 crores
    Estimated Employment Provided (Direct/Indirect) by
    Internet Industry

    circa April 2002

    There were an estimated 50,000 internet connections in early 1998. There were also an estimated 300,000 India-registered Hotmail accounts.

    India today has about 25 million telephones and about 1 million Internet connections for its one billion people. It is obvious that India urgently needs at least 150 to 200 million telephone and Internet connections. Is this expansion from 25 million telephone connection and 1 million Internet connections to 150-200 million telephones and Internet connecti on possible in a short time frame? Has India achieved such rapid growth in any area? One thing where such a spectacular performance has been possible is in providing cable TV connections, where the numbers grew from 0 in 1992 to about 40 million households in 2000. What made this spectacular performance possible? Are there lessons to be learned here which enables expansion of telecom and Internet connections?

    circa November 2000

    17.5 million urban Indians are using the Internet with certain consistency. With another 5.2 million using it sparingly, its upper limit is around 23 million urban users at present - leaving Internet penetration in rural areas standing at 9% and the nationwide penetration a very low 2 %.

    Of this, a third of urban users are 'heavy users' using the Internet for more than three hours a day.

    circa August 2005

    Number of Indians using online banking increasing.

    12% of the 38.5 million Internet users in India are using online banking, and this figure is expected to increase to close to 50% of Indian Internet users in the next two years. The study conducted late last year with 6,365 respondent's views were solicited of which 35% (2,240 respondents) had....

    circa march 2006

    Internet Use Uncommon in India
    *India currently has an internet penetration rate of less than 5% despite the existence of millions of Web users in its cities

    *Internet use in India remains minimal. In April 2005, JuxtConsult found that 38 percent of users use the internet 5+ times a day, 23 percent of users use the internet 2-5 times a day, 24 percent use the internet once daily, 10 percent use the internet once every 2-3 days, and 4 percent use the internet less than once a week, and 1 percent use the internet once a week

    *In March 2005, India had a total of 815 thousand broadband households of which 595 thousand have DSL lines and 220 thousand users who have Cable lines

    Source: "Internet Use Remains a Rarity in India" Emarketer Daily 15 August 2005

    Also of interest::

    Below are the top 15 countries ranked in order of Internet users for 2005, in millions and percent of total users.

    1. US 197.8 (18.3%)

    2. China 119 (11.1%)

    3. Japan 86.3 (8.0%)

    4. India 50.6 (4.7%)

    5. Germany 46.3 (4.3%)

    6. UK 35.8 (3.3%)

    7. South Korea 33.9 (3.1%)

    8. Italy 28.8 (2.7%)

    9. France 28.8 (2.7%)

    10. Brazil 25.9 (2.4%)

    11. Russia 23.7 (2.2%)

    12. Canada 21.9 (2.0%)

    13. Indonesia 18.0 (1.7%)

    14. Spain 15.8 (1.5%)

    15. Taiwan 9.5 (1.43%)

    Source: eMarketer, April 12, 2006

    Sorry that I could not get anyhting definite, but the GOI sites are really confusing to navigate :(

    Please tell me what you think, okay?
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