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Calling all Pune Techies...

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well only mobo upgrade wont help him.
as 9600se is very low end card. he need to have littlebit powerful graphics card as well.
and again i am not sure but 9600se is 64bit card. i dont remember but there is one model of 9600xt which is 256bit interface.
hey sagar - u have 9600xt. is it 256bit interface one or only 128.
may be there are models of 9800pro who comes with 128 as well as 256bit memory interface.

dude - try to upgrade your card and do not take any card less than 6600GT. that will give you good amount of graphics power compare to your processer.



How much a 6600GT would cost though i am not into upgrading my pc until two or three months but just out of curiosity


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I own a 128mb 9600XT...There's not much difference in the performance of the 128 and 256 mb versions of the 9600XT...
But,yes the 6600GT is almost twice as fast as my card...
Go for it if you are a hardcore gamer...
Btw,your frm my college dude!...would be nice to have a techie with me in coll :p
And please let us know your name dude!!!!!!!!!!


i am Kapil. I dont have any contact no now but you can send offline messages on yahoo I get online almost everyday. Thx sagar for considering me as a techie


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Ha new members on this thread it nice!! Hmm yeah somekinda screwing was there and hence no net for some time but guess what TATA aarelay. So I'll be up in no time. (No not the 1.5 Mbps wala they denied me the connection seeing my BSNL bill :p kiddin) So somedays more I'll finish another paper and will b online. Wait for more on this.

And yes welcome to the ppl on this forum.


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Re: Conifg.

GTR said:
Processor : Intel P4 3.0Ghz HT L2=2Mb
Ram : 512Mb (400Hz)
Graphics Card : Ati 9600SE(agp)
Motherboard : Intel 845

HL2, NFSUG 1 & 2, NFSMW, Doom3, Fifa 05, N.O.L.F 2, P.O.P 1, 2 & 3, Indgio Prophecy,.....

Does anyone have Counter strike source?????????

Well my friend you are technically incorrect there i guess.The only P4 that has 2MB L2 cache is the P4 6xx series and that comes in LGA775 socket.you say you have 845 based board,it came only with Socket 478.

Correct me if i am wrong.

Hey Avi,
the 9600XT is a 128 Bit card.
Also there was never a 128 Bit 9800Pro,it always was 256 Bit.


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hey darky,
thx for correcting me. and anyway welcome to Punetechie group if you are intrested.

hey kapil - check with darky - he has some great deals on cards only you should be lucky to get him, contact him and purchase something from him.

and i am ready to sell my 6600GT. let me know if you are intrested.

guys... urgent help required.. i want servicing center for my IPOD in pune.
plz somebody try to find it. i am unable to locate it.
it is working fine with audio only. video is giving me the problem.
well it is only 4 month old so no problem of warranty but i am dont know where to find servicing center for it. if anybody knows aobut it then please let me know.




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I was going through this thread and it seems you guys sure have formed a large group or so.
I was kinda dissappointed that there is far less tech talk in here.Correct me if i am wrong in assuming there shud be more.
Anyways would like to come to ur meets once.


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hey darkey we do not have big group.
total number of people - approx 8-9 and active members are 5-6.

but we do meet and share our knowledge. off course not fully techie meet.
actually i wanted to do so but timeings and many things are there which create some trouble.

in our next meet we have planned -
1. Sagar will talk about Crossfire / SLI -
2. Mickey will talk about win2003 servers, networking and exchange
3. I will talk about infrastructure management
4. Anybody is free to talk on any damn thing - like even they can discuss on something like Matrix.. etc..

And again its not a group of highely professional people. we all are students and nobody is expert in anything or there are no tests or nothing.
Just knowledge exchange .....

lets hope in next meet we will be able to collect good amount of knowledge exchange. please do come ......

Guys - now when ur exams will be over.. please start posting dates. so we will arrange one grand meet.



right on spot dark lord my mobo is not 845. I am not sure but i think its 875 i have very less memory about numbers.


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well i wont advice you to use any software to check it.
simpley use Direct X command.

start - run - type " Dxdiag" and press enter....

hhehehehe simple instructions.. and on system tab or display tab you shoulbe be getting chip type - that may help us to understand what exact CPU yo have and which mobo you have.


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Hey many new members welcome everyone, long time didnt had look at forum due to this airtel gprs connection it sucks now. Darklord is right for both the things 845 doesnt support 3.0 ghz and also we are having very less techi talks lets do one thing cant we share some good links from net about technology stuffs also we can start a yahoo group where we can share knowledge. Hey avi u was talking about connecting two pc through usb cable did u got any more information.
Tata VSNL doesnt deal almost only in corporate market only consumer service they provide is dial-up that too now comes under Tata indicom and after undertaking dishnet they provide dsl broadband connection.


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sorry guys was out for a long time .. we had our annual fest and submissions going on now ...

1 thing , when u guys meet , is it only a techie discussion or do u plan to swap data , as i got ttl 360GB harddisk so i got tons of data to swap ..


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i got ttl 360GB harddisk so i got tons of data to swap ..

hehheahhahaha man i gotta 300+120+80+80+40+60.... and all almost full....... anyway bring it while swap is going on we can continue our discussion.

ablen - man u r right. we should start on discussing something atleast.
lets start doing all in systematic way...

first we will collect information from everybody - like what he likes, what he is doing currently and if possible how he can share the information with others..

one more question - we should keep it witin our group only or post it here publically.???

and guys .. you must visit this thread to be in touch..

let me know your plans..
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