Call of Champions - Cross Platform MOBA


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So Spacetime Studios just announced their new MOBA

There will be a beta phase, for both iOS or Android.

All matches will be timed, and there is only one arena. As of now. 2 lanes, 2 towers, 3v3. more details on gameplay here. 40 champs designed as of now, but only 20 will be available when the game launches, based on votes.

So have played many of the games of this studio, their art is top notch, the developers always listen to the community, bug fixes are pushed out quickly with delta updates. So far their games have been on the casual side, meant for short but frequent bursts of pick up and play, but there have been demands for more hardcore content, so don't know how this one will be balanced.
Unlike other studios that cheat (gameloft), the multiplayer is actually cross platform, which means iOS users can play with Android users.
Judging by the kind of games they have made so far, it looks like the studio likes to make byte sized versions for burned out gamers or for people who just don't have the time any more for long gaming sessions to experience a little bit of the same magic in a lot less time. So the game will most likely be stripped down to essentials, with all the non necessary stuff removed.
The studio did stop developing a bunch of legacy titles mid way, which kind of alienated their most ardent fans. They are a small team, and a MOBA is an ambitious and involving project... so donno how long it will last, but it will be fun while it does.

update: Gamespot article with screenshots


Check out Groot with Rocket :p


This will be hard to play especially on mobile phones.. I think this is meant for tablets.. Id like to try this one day however :D
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