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[By Demand] July 2009

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Please give:

>>>Macromedia Flash (Editor+Player)
>>>Digit Software Archive
>>>Fast Track to 3D Modelling / Windows XP Proffessional
>>>Tips and Tricks for Digit Forum

AND Last but not the least



i posted before chip has given the autodesk package
and in june issue they given 3d max 2010 & maya unlimited 8.5...


Right off the assembly line
Hey Digit Team,

Plz include Latest "Digit Software Archive" setup file in the JULY edition...
After June (or) August 2008 Magazine (I dont remember correctly), U stopped giving the setup file for thiz...


Right off the assembly line
I would like to see the following changes with respect to the DVDs and it's contents:-
- There should be a well tabulated pullout sort (like 'Tips & Tricks') of presentation of the contents included in the DVDs. It may include details like type of software, it's size, category etc. It will help us tag the 'software of desired choice' and store it. It will make it easy to locate the desired software anytime, even without internet connectivity.
-The software provided should be in zipped form which should also include a file giving details of the software. It will help those who like to collate their software of choice. Usually the mere software icon keeps us 'guessing' at a later stage as to what it actually relates to, since the name mostly gets abbreviated.


Right off the assembly line
The june edition of Digit magazine was good and the sci-tech articles were great.The videos that you guys provide on the DVDs are awesome...But there were too few game demos in the edition.So it would be great to have the demos of any of the following games:
1)Battlestations: Pacific
2)Overlord 2
3)The Last Remnant

Also I would like to see a section either on the magazine as articles or as videos in the DVDs about the E3 that had taken place in the beginning of this month.
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