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Can't Digit include steam backup of small games that is part of popular humblebundle. For example garrys mod with last humblebundle. This way we don't have to waste bandwidth.

Also consider us giving more DVD :p
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The reason why we can't provide these games on the DVDs is because:
Team Fortress 2 ~ 13GB;
PlanetSide 2 ~ 13GB;
DOTA 2 ~ 7.6GB;
Marvel Heroes ~ 13.1GB;
APB ~ 7GB;

The size of all these games is huge and Digit DVDs can't accommodate them. While making a DVD, we have to maintain a balance between the content we provide as there should be something for everyone in the DVDs. This is because not everyone will play the game we provide in the DVDs but they may want something else like essential software or productivity tools.
If you know of any F2P games which won't take up the entire DVD, then please recommend them here and we'll be happy to add them.
We'll consider Warframe for the DVD but it isn't a very good game.

Cheers and e-peace,
Team Digit

Hi [MENTION=84253]Sid_gamer[/MENTION]!

Kudos to you for providing World of Tanks in the April 2014. I was elated because I was planning to dl it. However, I was taken aback when I installed it, and immediately the launcher wanted to get a ~7GB update.
I had to cancel the download since it would take ages for me to dl it on my slow connection.

Since you already took to the pain to provide the game [of ~6GB] once, can again take a bit more pain to provide the game, along with the update.. You know, the updated game, so that I (and a lot of other gamers) can just install it and jump in! :)




League of legends (3.1 GB cybercafe version from Garena)
Tom clancy phantoms (3.1 gb) FTP game, give a steam backup
and basically any ftp games under 4gb from steam


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digit dvd search software
and it would be better to open a February 2014 thread now


A Digit Search Software (That Works)
would be great

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PencilKings – Lessons Tutorial Training (Full Collection + Bonus)

would be great (if you can)

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if link is needed then
here it is

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You guys can also provide games that appear for limited time in Origin - Free of Cost
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