[By Demand] - Digit January 2007

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I would recommend Office 2007 and Photoshop CS3 beta , though I downloaded both of them , this will sure help others :)...


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More ADS please.:D
vasudev said:
plz include windows vista os
let the number of digit readers= x
price of vista(basic edition)= Rs.10000
digit costs=rs.125
digits profit=125*x-10000*x


i dont think they can even include release candidate for licencing issues
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I'm an architect... Can you please include a few "open source code" based CAD and 3d modelling software too


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Pls. can you give couple of latex editor in you jan07 CD/DVD, It's used for preparing notes, I need it desperately and download is big, there are many latex editor for windows and can be downloaded from web, one of them is Lyx editor, and can be downloaded from lyx.org, ndit, is another one of them, Its would also be fine if you give a editor for latex, from your choice.

Hope to see it in the forthcoming CD/DVD
Pls. give latex editor, pls. This one is the 2nd post
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Hi, Can you please include am amazing video editing software..something like Ulead video Studio, only better. i'M sure many people would benefit from it as everyone nowadays edits some video or the other, be it movies, home vids, etc.

Thanks !!!!!!!


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dfordigit said:
Hi sir,

Yesterday autopatcher has announced a huge full november release. It contains windows media player 11, internet explorer 7, and all that we want.

As it's size is very big for dial up users , it's 330 MB ,pl give it in your jan dvd.

No need for back releases as it contains all.


Thank you.
Dear Friends,
has anybody tried to click the above mentioned link?
if yes, what you have seen?
Great Autopatcher


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I would like to request

1. Open Source Softwares, especially the Open Source CMS
2. Open Source OS, Linux how to's in deep
3. Why can't we have a dedicated issue of Linux @ Digit?



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pls give photo shop cs3, acrobat reader 8 and adobe illustrator cs2 , i do want it and also corel snapfire plus pls pls pls pls pls


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i had installed ubuntu which u included in april 2006 DVD which i liked very much. i request u to include latest version of ubuntu as i can not download due to low speed, hope u will hear my request.


is it possible to give a copy of windows vista trial?
Also please provide a fast track on hacking in the future. If not, atleast tell me a few sites where i can learn a few things


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Urgently required
Photoshop CS2
Corel Draw X3
Adobe Fireworks

I am going to buy them but after trying them by the help of yours.
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