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buying a new phone, need help


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hey guys
i want to buy a new phone, been using iPhone 4s for over a year now. so want to upgrade
had a s2 before iPhone but i seriously felt disgusted by its keyboard :\
so the confusion is, should i go for an iPhone 5 or lumia 920?
don't want lag and all, i don't use much app though, just a decent app locker, whatsapp Facebook that's it
or should i go for note 2? will it be a wise choice?
or anything else?
please advise
thanks in advance :D


Cyborg Agent
If you dont want lag then either go for iPhone5 or wait for Lumia 925 which is bit upgraded 920
I'd personally recommend S4 but there will be many people aganist me(I don't want any post aganist me listing features of HTC One).

I would recommend that, you use both the phones(S4 & HTC One) before buying. Both are good phones. Each person will have their own personal likes n dislikes.

Note: S4 & One have approx same dimension but S4 has 5" screen compared to 4.7" in One.

I won't recommend Lumia 920 unless you need a good camera in phone. A strict no from me for iPhone 5. I personally hate iOS. But if you like it & are willing to spend money on it, its ur choice....


I would seriously suggest you to buy HTC One, I have recently bought it.
And my friends who owns 4S and 5 were just wondered by the device, all my friends who owns 4S are simply now trying to sell 4S and get One
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