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'Bubbles' brings Web Applications on your Desktop

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Bubbles is an application platform, based on Browser technologies. It detaches Web Applications from the classic Browser and offers them with the familiar accessibility, capabilities and always-on nature of Desktop applications.

Web-Applications have been limited to what classic browsers offered them. With Bubbles, web-applications can accept drag-and-drop files, popup notifications on the desktop even when they are minimized, control their own system tray icon and menu, and much more.


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Mozilla has a extension named 'Prism' for quite a few days for the same functions in Firefox. I think this Bubbles and Prism do almost the same thing, but we need greater Javascript performances to make them more faster like desktop apps. Google Chrome is build and envisioned keeping that in mind.


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But the most impressive is an app called Fluid which is available for Mac OS X.. its very cool and completely free
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