BTX, the next name in Case design

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    Intel has finally revaled the curtains from the BTX design, a successor to ATX case design

    it is made to supersede ATX, & provide a better chassis both thermally & size wise

    Although ATX was good & is good, BTX extends the design to provide more efficient space saving, which means small PCs yet providing more power, unlike MicroATX motherboard which many times has to cut in terms of feature of size

    Since these days, most of the motherboarsd are coming with many onboard devices, like onboard LAN, Audio, Video, Firewire, etc, it's like a design to integrate all these in one is required

    BTX will come in 3 design or form factors, BTX, MicroBTX & PicoBTX, each having there own unique design, which U have to decide when buying depending on your requirments

    Intel is proposing this design, there were rumers that this design is not compatible with AMD64 but this is still a rumar

    I cannot post images from the original article here, so better read that
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