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[Big Screenshot] New Yahoo! Mail Beta... and you're invited.

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Today when i logged into my account i got an invitation for Yahoo! Mail

I think it is good looks like an e-mail client,nice interface.

Here is a screenshot of the new interface


Now You Can:
Easily organize messages

by dragging and dropping them into folders, trash, wherever.

Quickly scan messages

in the handy Reading Pane.

Multitask with ease

using tabs to switch between different messages.

Keep your email safe

with SpamGuard and Norton AntiVirus™.

But one thing I wasnt able to acess it using Opera as a browser.[First Bug]

Guys what do you think about this

H :arrow: :arrow: ave you got invitation ?


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ya yahoomail beta is good ,, now i like it over gmail and msn live mail , i have been usin it since last 1.5 month and now i dont wanna revert to old yahoo interface .


Wise Old Owl
On which type of account you got mail beta... .com or co.in... Which country was set in your options!

Well i got this mail from yahoo! that my mail beta invite is on the way on 17 dec 2005 but did not received till yet!


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QwertyManiac said:
Havent got it yet in my new id, but it looks like Outlook style eh?

Have you requested for an invitation.Also what happened to your hacked id?


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I got it for .com account and country is specified as India. I had applied for it in September and had got the beta mail coming from yahoo! on 12th dec


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Goowy is heavy and flashy, didnt like its email system much :(

@manas - hacked id is gone i guess, new id is on the profile ;) mostly use MSN messenger now (Live) :|


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hey anyone from the ones who got the mail mid december actually got the mail beta?

knight when did u apply for it?


Yhaoo mail beta

i got the new yahoo mail beta testing invitation.....

it rocks surely but definately not better than gmail..

From a pentium 3 point of view it s**ks.....because-
1. It is damn slow - You hve to wait for6-7 seconds before something happens
2. Somehow it is making the other progrmas also slow. The whole windows as well as linux literally crawl.
3. A lot of ram is taken up it. (not for those with less than 256mb rm)
4. Takes a lot of internet usage (About 500kb just to load up its interface)
5. Has got a big banner image ad at the right ?(they have tried to copy gmail but have failed miserably)
6. The message reading screen is kind of small and u feel that u r reading in a small box


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BTW, For those who are interested in getting in, go to the "Whats new" link near the top of the main screen after login - there is a link to get on the waiting list... and it appears to be only for yahoo.com mail account holders at the moment...

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