BHUUT call if you dare

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I live in Kolkata. Y-day I heard a strange thing, there are two nos. i> 1020304050 & ii>9886788888 where if you call you can hear strange things/sayings(like it does in ghost movies) by which you may get affraid. I didn't call because I was too affraid to do so. Can any one give me any clue about these myst. nos.?
you may say that the person who have told me must be joking but I say that it not only happened to him but my friend's elder brother also said that there are two such nos. which he has heard from others. if you call them do it at your own risk. IF NOTHING HAPPENS THEN PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR YOUR WASTE OF TIME.

mohit sharma

hahahaha nice story bhoot on activated mobile
the main thing of concern is , who would have been paying bills of bhoot and how bhoot would have given his identity papers to mob. company !!!
and please 786 , never again post these type of posts on this forum to save other's precious time !!
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