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Ubisoft releases Beyond Good & Evil 2 gameplay, showing off co-op, combat and more
Ubisoft has officially released new gameplay footage for Beyond Good and Evil 2, showcasing the game's combat system, the title's co-op mode and how players can spy on opponents from great distances using a spyglass.

From the start of the game, players will have a sword, a gun and a jetpack, opening the game up to a variety of combat options from the getgo, with augments granting additional customisability as the game progresses.

Co-op will also be a large component of the game, allowing players to team up or independently explore the game's vast open solar system. Players will be able to seamlessly enter the worlds of other players, forging valuable partnerships or creating moment-long meetings within the game world. It's up to players what they will do with Beyond Good & Evil 2's co-op system.

Using their spyglass, players can survey planets from space, enemy encampments at range, and judge the skill levels of enemies and NPC. Players will be able to add these NPCs to their crew, allowing them to man the player's ship, which will act as your command centre as the game progresses.

Alongside the game's gameplay showcase, Ubisoft has also released an hour-long stream called the "space monkey report", where the game's development team answers questions that are asked by the community. You will see concept art for the game alongside gameplay footage, highlighting several cityscapes, ships and several customisation options that will be available within the game.

Source:Ubisoft releases Beyond Good & Evil 2 gameplay, showing off co-op, combat and more
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