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I bought a Dell 19 inch LED monitor 6 months back with 3 year onsite warranty. From yesterday I am having problem of reddish tint in the display. After checking everything with different monitors and graphics card I found that the monitor is giving problem. I contacted DELL support centre and went through 15 mins troubleshooting(yes 15 mins doing color calibration!!). After that came the shocker!! DELL has changed their onsite warranty policy. Now we need to email them scanned copy of bill and some specific pictures (with stickers and unnecessary complexities) and have to show them the problem, if they are satisfied only then they will give replacement/repair. Now tell me how can i prove a reddish tint in the screen by mobile picture? Only if some service personnel comes they can check and verify. They flatly refused and told me to send pictures. I tried my best to take a picture with5MP camera and mailed them. Now they are saying they can't see the problem( of course how can the determine reddish tint/screen from a mobile picture?). And telling me they are unable to help. Is it expected from a company like DELL? They change the term "3 year onsite warranty" as per their wish and denying warranty unless I can prove the problem with camera picture. This is cheating. Everybody thinking of buyong monitor please review. i am thinking of moving to consumer court:(


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OMG ! what shocker. Viewsonic did the exact thing to me. How can you determine a problem by seeing only a camera photo. You need to physically verify the monitor to be able to determine the issue. What do these morons think ? Shoot an e-mail right away to michael.dell@dell.com - just mention your points in a clear and strong but decent way.

Do mention all the incident s in chronological manner ( if possible name and contact time of the service personnel ) but again focus on the point - you need your monitor to be physically verified to be able to determine the problem.


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That's never expected from such a reputed brandlike DELL. This is a monitor with Onsite warranty, a technician is supposed to visit and verify the problem, sending photographs is not an option.
You should rather move to consumer court if you don't get any support from them soon.


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Go on a rampage against Dell on twitter and facebook post everywhere what happened with you maybe that will help your case. Big companies changing **** willy nilly to suit their convenience. Jio stopped the preview offer of 3 months and suddenly started 4Gb fup limit BS.


People should stop buying dell monitors immediately-companies should learn that they cannot just defraud their loyal customers and expect to get away with it.As far as monitors are concerned,i think samsung offers the best service.And this matter regarding dell is nothing new-i remember reading about a similar complaint from another user either on TDF or some other indian technology forum a few years ago where they had flatly refused to provide any sort of assistance unless the customer could furnish photos of the malfunctioning monitor as evidence to support his claim that the monitor was indeed out of order.

I wonder what these companies take their customers for-do they think they can abuse and harass them to their hearts content and people will still continue to buy their products because they're too ignorant to make an informed choice and there are no proper laws in this country to protect consumers when they are ripped off by greedy and dishonest corporate entities like Dell?!


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hmm. the same problem happened with me, only that i had a line running across the top of the monitor. I too had to send in images , but on the 3rd day a guy landed up on my door with the replacement monitor.
As for the tint, stray magnetic or electric fields can cause it,have you checked for it? had my laptop screen develop alternate light and dark bands diagonally because of a large loudspeaker, which unfortunately persisted

as for dell call center people, yes it has gone down , even the business class responders..


but it was a business customer so ymmv. Means??

Thanks for dell info.i asked because i have bought dell d2015h full hd in just 5900 1 month back ...monitor is very nice


^he means that person received preferential treatment from dell as he was a business customer,but that doesn't mean they'll extend the same courtesy to normal people.Therefore how they deal with you is likely to vary from the way they dealt with that business client.
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