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Best wireless router for home

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Hi, could someone recommend the best option for wireless router for home use? Between Linksys WRT54GH and Asus rtG32, which would be a better option? Since WRT54GH has a builtin antenna, i am concerned about signal strength.

My priority is good steady signal.



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Have been using Belkin for a while.. no problems at all. Easy to set up and use. Forgot the model no. but got it from chroma for Rs.1500 (it is a model higher than the basic one which retails for about Rs.1200).


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I have been using Linksys WRT54G for last 3 yrs with no prolems. I think it's latest aavatar is WRT54G2, even Netgear is good & slightly cheaper as it provides 1 yr warranty.


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Thanks very much Kalpik. I have got an ASUS working with me now. Not very happy with it. I have a problem connecting with my mobile. Every time I do the settings, it works only for a couple of days. Wonder if that s a problem with the settings or the router itself.

I now regret not getting the Linksys (if it s the router problem)


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if u want a good range go for dual antenna..

i am using belkin N series dual antenna,so far no problems.
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