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Best windows video player


KMPlayer development is dead, its developer is now developing a new player, Potplayer.
Get potplayer it is the best I have used


What about XBMC guys ?? Its sort of HomeTheatre Application. Just like WIndows Media Center .
Love It. + its OpenSource and platform independent.

Other than that I use WMP12 primarily , and VLC ocassionally.
I don't prefer VLC , since it causes visual artifacts and poor graphics while skipping or forwarding the video. (IF someone has a fix for it , plz suggest.)


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XBMC is good but for people who only needs just a video player may find XBMC to be too much feature reach ie bloated .. ;-)

Here's what I would suggest ( using Multiple players ) :

1. KMPlayer 2. GOM Player 3. VLC 4. Media Player Classic Home Cinema


Which has the best audio/video reproduction/playback , for FLAC files ?? I mean the output quality.


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CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) is my only choice when it comes to watching Animes and TV Shows. For all other **** like movies, music videos I use VLC.
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