Best Sound quality phone in Rs. 6000 Very urgent

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Hi Guys,

I wanna purchase a good feature rich phone but my budget is Only 6000 Rs.
My first preference is for good music and bluetooth connectivity with memory expension slot(which is easily available in the market)

I would like to use Java based software to install on this phone. So pls give me some suggestion.



w200i Xellent music mobile and is java based but doesnt hav BLUETOOTH
or go for nokia 3110 classic it consists all of ur needs but not a great music phone
i recommend u stretch ur budget get an Xpress music phone


Wire muncher!
6k, BT, music, expandable memory... hmmm.. if you can spend a bit more then you haf 2 options:

1) N5300
2) SE W300i

pro of 5300 over w300i: better cam (1.3mp)
pro of SE W300i: better music (walkman)

both will be about ~6.8k or so but will give you everything.

i wudn't recommend 3110c; esp after seeing this thread: *
its not a phone in this category at all!
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