Best onboard graphics chipset...

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Hey, i just wanted to know the best onboard graphics chipset. The choices are:

1) Intel G965, 945G.
2) Nvidia 6150 (for AMD)
3) ATI 200 (for AMD and Intel).

So, which one of the above has the best onboard graphics and why?

Any thoughts...
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ya........6150 IGP has Shader Model 3.0 support as IGP in that segment......


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Turn over some past issues of digit nd CHIP with mobo reviews. 6150 is a clear winner than x200 in graphics.


Right now, NVIDIA 6100 & 6150 are the best, most performing onboard graphics out there, however keep in mind, that onboard gfx is made just to "run" the OS perfectly, not to play games, u know, this is something useful in offices etc, where a separate graphics card is at all not needed

Intel is about to release there GMA X3000 & GMA 3000 (for office) onboard graphics solutions, which are perfect to run Windows vista, they are also direct10 compliant, with just a driver update, they are cheap, but not meant for gaming

right now, if u want to buy get a NVIDIA geforce 61x0 chipset, else wait a while for a much efficient GMA X3000
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Choto Cheeta

hmm... as GX said intell is going to lounch...

but look at this bellow document... it is not cleare whether present boards running G965 Express chipset already supports that GMA X3000 technology or the upcomming version of the Chipset is going to support??

Anyway download the DOCUMENT (pdf)

so now.... the question is.... which is the best G965 Express chipset Running board?? and which is the best value of money G965 Express running board??


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Intel 945G Xpress Chipset incorporates Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with ICH7 on it's south-bridge. It is available in premium mobos like Intel original 945GNT and far better that ATI200 available in cheap mobos like Intel original D101GGC.


nvidia 6150 is definitely better than the other 2
my friend's X200 for some reason does not run games such as Quake 4 , F.E.A.R. etc
Which is better Nvidia 7600gt or Nvidia 7900gtx? Please tell me quick cuz my brother is coming next week from U.S. So please guys tell me soon.


well....Radeon Express 200 onboard graphics got hardware vertex shader & pixel shader, so it's better then any intel solution so far


7900GTX is better, but it is costly, & requirs a big power supply
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