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Did you buy directly or through VPN...n also what option did you select 1.PC download or 2. PC instant access??

I buy from Amazon, No VPN used. Indian IP, BSNL. PC Download. Not sure what PC instant access is, i searched yesterday, they add key to origin directly ? I got key by email, i activated it in Origin.


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Need help to buy BF4 for my friend via origin us. My CC is not getting accepted don't know why! Pls help, pm me. Thanks :)


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origin rejects my paypal account

Have you verified your PayPal acc?? Verification takes 2-3 days. I too reg to PayPal yesterday n hence not verified... N that's why I wasn't able to use it in origin.... You need to get help from someone who has a PayPal....


Bought BF4 from US origin for 19.99$ :) .

1.I made a paypal account using an international credit card, it did not need verification for making a payment using it.

2. got my 10$ off using the details given Battlefield 4 (PC Digital Download) $20 - EA Origin Deals, Coupons and Promos (Note: did not use vpn while generating this code)

3. Used Hola unblocker for VPN.

4. Went on, added the game to cart, checked out, disabled vpn , added payment details and finished placing my order, :) .

Did it all in an hour.

Now i need to download 24 ****ing GB which will take 54 hrs :-x
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