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Banning fellow Adsense publishers

What is your adsense monthly earnings (guys be honest)?

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Guys while i was chatting with another adsense publisher( who isnt getting quiet well earnings from adsense), he asked me to show my total adsense earnings, i know him as chat mate for quiet long time, so i have showed him my earnings(25$ from past 9 months :D) as screenshot which doesnt show Adsense pub id. I dont know whether he got jelous or not, but all of a sudden he asked my adsense pub id, i got worried thinking of that he might use my adsense pub id in porn sites or any other similar sites, so that Google may ban me for lifetime (thinking of I am using my ads in porn sites).

forgot to tell that he knows my site

What i have to do in this situation? please help me?
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1) $25 from 9 months is nothing to be jealous of... :D

2) you have the provision (in your adsense account page) to specify the sites where you want the adsense ads to be displayed and clicks counted.



is that something to be jealous of ??
many guys earn at least 10,000 $ per month, with some guys more then 100,000+
also why is this in open source.


Alive Again...
this should be in QnA Section

and after so many answers i think u should not take tension any more and do what digitaldude said
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