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Bajaj Pulsar 200 problems

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i am using pusar 150 cc-digital one--------and dude it rocks-it fails apache, unicorn------ u think karizma bikes skid a lost and the movt bike falls get ready to pay 1000--even if it falls from stand--
pusar 200 --i havent tried --but i think the new gear sucks--just like karizma--ur shoes wd get ruined--


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Like Help~Is~Here said, I like pulsar because Bajaj is our own Indian company and they have done lot of inovatives when compared to others and have been first to bring to the market certain features of Pulsar bikes.

I am eagerly waiting for a Pulsar 220 but my parents are trying to put a fullstop to my bachelore life by getting me a life partner in few months and hence they insist on getting a car than a bike :-(


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another thing- the new pulsar costs 85k.. y not wait fr the 1lakh car instead? atleast its safer thn a two wheeler, plus u don need to get wet in rains :)


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Hey enticer, thats a good suggestion. But generally I prefer powerful ones but at affordable prices.

Even when I am aked to choose a car I will prefer Indica Xetz GLX than a Maruti Swift.

Reason, Indica is cheaper than Swift but almost as powerfull as swift.

That was just an example and am not comparing both that cars !!


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VD17 said:
yamaha doesnt know the words 150cc and honda seems to suffer from a sleep disorder which makes em wake up n give facelifts to their bikes months after the competition... (even now they did just a stickering job with borrowed alloys, graphics and styling)..
and we still throw stones at bajaj... way to go...
ha ha ha look at th yamaha doesnt know 150cc.. how crazy is tht ...hey dude have u heard of anything named yezdi,RD and stuff ???now dont tell me they r OOOOOOOld ones...

YAMAHA baap hai bajaj jaise local companiyon ka.... aur compare karte vakt honda hinda mat cillao.. woh HERO HONDA hai..
honda aur yamaha ne bikes ki technolojy mein history banai hai...
bajaj to kalka bacha hai...


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^^teek bola re!anyone seen RD350(twin) rasing?yezdi/jawa got twin engines 30 yrs back in India. these bikes got dhoda peene ki aadath hai bas ;)


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cool man !!
does any one have this bike.. or any one ready to sell it.. one of my freind wants to buy it he is a licensed YAMAHA motocross racer .. & owns a rx 135 & a RXZ..
& he is mad abt RD350 ... i love its name its ROAD DEATH !!! isnt tht cool !!


Road Death is not cool man.

The RD Name

There was a myth that RD stood for "Racing Death" and "Road Death" and that it was the Japanese revenge for the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as it claimed the lives of many US riders, but this is pure fiction (according to Japanese representatives). It was thought by some RD stood for "race derived." But a long time Yamaha mechanic recently dispelled this myth on the UK Yamaha RD forum, this is his explanation and he has worked with and raced them since the seventies: "We always understood it to be a series of letters that explain the bikes make up and function two stroke twin." The RD was a gas guzzler that would deliver anywhere between 6 - 24 KMs to a litre.

XS = 4 stroke tourer
XV = 4 stroke V
DT = 2 stroke trail
RD = 2 stroke road



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^Bangalore where u can find this bike maintained well and for sale too(this bike was actually released internationally on 1972 someting:rolleyes:).the Film Hero of 1983(jackey,meenakshi) was a promo for escorts yamaha rd350!!
RX100 too is a very nice bike.i can chase that hero honda cbz with rx100 for sometime(top speed soars :( )
I owned a rx100 back in 1997.it rocked until i met with a serious accident ;) :D now fiero is enough.but i miss two strokers.they rock!!!


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proud owner of pulsar 180 here...almost 2 yrs completed now..till now nothing went wrong & still have both the side mirrors insafe


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@ Help Is Here and everybody:

Do you remember a small company called Kawasaki from Japan? They are one of the 4 big manufacturers in this world. They manufacture the world's fastest bike too. Do you know that Bajaj has a collaboration with Kawasaki? The initial bikes they manufactured were all with Kawasaki collaboration. And they couldnt get any collaboration from the other guys because they were already snapped up. So they got Kawasaki, the best of what is left. The funny thing with these jokers is that they until now couldnt manufacture good bikes inspite of their collaboration. Hero Honda stuck gold right from their first bike. TVS- Suzuki has many models which are best sellers. Yamaha has one of the best bike in Indian History. Every bike Bajaj made is sad. Until Pulsar they didnt have a strong bike. And that bike too needed to have the Kawasaki engineers come in and tune it up. I am not saying that the other manufacturers are great. but atleast they dont make bikes that dont have the front wheel and back wheel out of alignment. Any bike would break up if you hit a wall at 60 kmph. but the bajaj is one that skids all the way from here to hell because its straight line stability is absolutely ZERO. Forget abt history. look at the present. The XCD - 125 that they have launched with so much of fanfare gives an onroad mileage of 75 kms. Which is exactly what the Super Splendour and Glamour give. and they are built better. Now who is better?

@ Kannan,
Do you know that Tata cars have failed every safety test that was conducted in Europe? They have come out at the bottom of the list in England. Do you really want to buy those cars where not just your life but also the lives of those you love are at risk?
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