noise cancellation

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    [Suggestion Request] Best Noise Cancellation Over the ear headphones for multimedia under 12k

    Please suggest a good noise cancellation over the ear headphones under 12k .
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    Audio Technica anc33is reviews and IM 50 like IEM suggestions

    Hi Ppl TL;DR: My old (4yo) and awesome audio technica IM 50 was stolen. Now I am searching for another similar IEM with, may be, better noise cancellation. I generally code in office and put on my earphones all day to turn away noise from an open office. I listen to epic music or movie scores...
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    Best noise cancelling earphones in market

    Hi everyone I have always used this forum before buying a gadget and I have never been disappointed. So here I am again with another one of my queries. I work from home and I find it difficult to concentrate if there is even slightest noise in the background. So I am looking for the best...
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