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ATV 3 and local CMS server????


orthopaedic surgeon
guys i am new to this...
but would like to know if this can work....
i have ATV3 and as every1 would be knowing its still unjailbreakable...
so i wanted to know that if i setup a local CMS server mimicking youtube and also a DNS server on my machine (i have one extra ) and then if i set the DNS address on ATV to my personal local DNS server and in DNS server settings i change the ip address for youtube to my local server CMS address... thus the domain youtube.com will point to my local ip address where i am running a youtube clone
i want to know will this work???
as if can i watch the videos off my local machine on my ATV3 as if ATV is streaming from youtube

please tell me guys????
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orthopaedic surgeon
please some one reply....it is not that difficult question...
i would like to ask the DIGIT team to help me also....
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