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saurabh kakkar

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Intel_Gigacore said:
I dont know whether u guys know this or not.. I've found a plcae where u can see the location (country) of an IP. This may help u guys.....

off topic: trying to get Admin attention :D :D i dont think so they will ever

look at this ya though some Mods can look at this

dont believe me see this :

ontopic: good find but i think admins and mods might be knowing this already

btw: i think WRONG SECTION


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its a very old link... also it shows incorrect locations in some cases...
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the admins have access to a lot more info than what the link u have given provides ;) sourabh coming back to u ..... if u have a problem pm the mods dont go around talking as if the mods and admins dont come to this site .... u arent even a year old on this forum .... if u want to question some 1 dont do it without complete facts .... and by that i mean who is online when ....
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