Asus X201E-KX042Dor X219D? Is ASUS worth buying???


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Hello Fellow Geeks,

Just came across two on flipkart.
Asus X201E-KX042D Netbook (3rd Gen Ci3/ 4GB/ 500GB/ DOS) vs Asus X200CA-KX219D VivoBook (3rd Gen ci3/ 4GB/ 500GB/ DOS): Compare Computers:

Asus X201E-KX042D and Asus X200CA-KX219D

Specification wise both are same but X200CA is cheaper as compared to the other.

Can anyone help me with the actual difference between two models. Does the costlier one have better build/touchpad or both are same. I have seen generally the costlier ones have satisfying user experience copmpared to cheaper models and these differences cant be written but felt when using(like G series vs Z series in Lenovo). I bought 3 Z580s within an year(myself and family) just for great keyboard and touchpad).
So please suggest if anyone have an idea.

Actually I was just looking at 11.6" models and this one is like dream piece for the price and specs wrt rest of the competitio. But am wary of ASUS brand and reliability too, so in addition to above question please also suggest shall I trust ViVi series or look something else?

Thanks for your help and support.

Rohit Murarka


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You write this much but didn't care to add the questionnaire. For god sake fill the questionnaire with the opening post.


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