ASUS Monitor - never found it


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I observed many good monitors never make it to india


i always wanted to buy one
but from the day it was launched in US
the asus guys told me to wait & wait & wait
and recently they told me that they discontinued it.


Whats wrong wrong with India ?

Do you guys know where can i buy this monitor ?
import or local

Same thing happens to LG monitors with same specs
they are still not available in india.


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I guess you are from Maharashtra side

We say "Fuchhka" not pani puri

But What about the Monitor ?

guess again. In my original state it's called Pushka. In my current state, it's called Gol gappa. In the state where I had it the very first time, it's called Pani Puri so I stick with that.

What monitor? :D


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But What about the Monitor ?

although it is listed, dispatch depending on Availability. they haven't quoted a price either. so you better contact them.
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