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that's really looks gigantic ;-)

The ASUS MARS II is not only a large card (it takes up three PCIe slots) but also a power-hungry one (requires three 8pin connectors). The MARS II is essentially two pieces of GTX 580, granting the MARS II 3GB of video memory, and allowing a much greater overclocking capability than the GeForce GTX 590

wondering how much would be weight of this big giant and what will be it's power consumption and Oc capability ??

@ Extreme Gamer - TFS ;-)


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Urban Dictionary tells me that TFS actually means "thanks for sharing" in a sarcastic way. So, I wouldn't advise anyone to post TFS. :mrgreen:


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^^ Yes it is owing to its higher clock speeds and better overclockability due to a better vrm design. Same happened with ares.

And hey what about your 580 sli pics mate? Have finished installing your rig yet?
Extreme Gamer

Extreme Gamer

This will be limited edition, so expect the price to be ~ 60k in best case and 1L (like ARES) in worst case scenario.

However the ROG MATRIX edition of the card should cost 45-48k max.
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