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Astronomy telescope purchasing help needed

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Hi guys, anyone here interested in astronomy and know about telescopes pls help, i'm interested to buy one, i'm just a novice in this field, i need a telescope which can view planets like mars, saturn and its rings, jupiter etc and moon's craters, my budget is 2-3k, can anyone help me out guys?


Cyborg Agent
Man.. such kind of question also there..
PS: I am not into astronomy but can't resist to see whats in here :)..

Goodluck :p


The Devil
If you are an amateur you will be better off buying binoculars. Binoculars are perfect for viewing deep sky objects and are much easier to handle. Telescopes are tough to handle. Remember, the objects on the sky are contantly in motion because of the earth's rotation. You can't just aim your telescope to jupiter and look as long as you like. The telescope needs to be slowly moved as the earth's rotates which requires precise movement.

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