1. socrates

    How Linux is advancing astronomy

    In the professional world of astronomy, Linux is ubiquitous. Wow How Linux is advancing astronomy | News | TechRadar UK :D
  2. anish_sha

    Astronomy telescope purchasing help needed

    Hi guys, anyone here interested in astronomy and know about telescopes pls help, i'm interested to buy one, i'm just a novice in this field, i need a telescope which can view planets like mars, saturn and its rings, jupiter etc and moon's craters, my budget is 2-3k, can anyone help me out guys?
  3. digit i am thinking

    Google Sky opens up the heavens on the web!

    The world's largest search engine has opened up the skies for internet surfers with a passion for astronomy. Google Earth, a free piece of software downloaded from the web, already allows people to soar over major tourist spots around the world. But with the new service - known as Sky - they...
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