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are pc gamers better of than console gamers?

Best Gaming Platform..CONSOLE or PC?

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plasmafire said:
Heh heh.. i don't c u console boys replying to my previous posts.. grow up dudes..
All major high stakes events are organized on PC gaming the world over.

Who said it wasnt. I am an ardent supporter of it .... :D


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rohanbee said:
I think we have more pc using ppl then console using ppl here...............
Thats pretty much the case in India, but the number of console gamers are definitely growing.

I own these 3 consoles
Nintendo NES
I play them all on a 29" TV with a dolby surround 5:1 sound setup on Bose amp. My XBOX is chipped,and i have starter Cd for playing pirated games on DC(no original games in INDIA).

I also have a relativly good PC, and I honestly say that Console gaming far surpasses PC Gaming.


With console games you just pop the DVD into your system and you're ready to play without having to install and without having to pray to God that the game will run nicely.

I prefer playing FPS's on consoles with the Controllers to playing with a Keyboard and Mouse...With Halo on Xbox, my thumbs adapt easily to the controls while on PC I find it more harder to play. (maybe because there is a shorter distance between keys on a controller then on a keyboard.)

The graphics for PS2 and Xbox on my TV are much crisper and clearer then what I can get on a 17" PC monitor (especially on Xbox) where games like Splinter Cell and Halo are far superior to the graphics on the PC version.
Chech www.IGN.com's review on DOOM3 for PC and XBOX.And SHOCKINGLY DOOM3 XBOX got more score than DOOM3 PC in terms of graphics(still proud of ur Geforce 6800??) You'll never, ever have to worry about upgrading your console to be able to play a single game or worry about hardware drivers etc, until 3 or 4 years after the latest console is released, when a new one comes out.

With split-screen multiplayer on my TV, when playing a 2 person game each person has a screen the size of a PC monitor, so that's not a problem.
A Geforce 6800 Ultra costs around $400... That's the hardware alot of people say is superior to both the Xbox and PS2 graphical power, however those people forget that with that money, you can get both a PS2 and Xbox! Plus, seeing as consoles are made specifically for games and use their resources for nothing else, one cannot compare Console specs with PC specs. The Xbox has a 64MB 3D Card if I'm correct, however that plays games like Halo incredibly smoothly, while if you were to play that on a PC on high settings you'd need a 128MB card at least.
Consoles also come out first with more original games... L.A True Crimes, Cookies and Milk, Blinx the Time Sweeper, Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time/Warrior Whithin, Silent Hill 2/3/4, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto 3,Vice City,SA, Splinter Cell, Head-Hunter,Metroid Prime Echoes, Shenmu and Socom with it's voice-activated friendly AI etc.

Console games usually get higher marks then PC games for the ratio of Console games being released in contrast with PC games. Also note that Soul Calibur on Dreamcast got the coveted 10/10 on IGN.com
All the best games I've ever played appeared first on consoles before being ported to PC... And the console versions are still better.

Metal Gear Solid 2
GTA 3,Vice City,San Andreas
Hitman 2
Silent Hill 2


Onto Mods... Alot of people use this in defence of PC games. Yes, downloading new mods and levels is not so readily available on consoles as it is on PC's but it's getting there. Local magazines here in South Africa release fan-made mods and missions on a Demo CD which can be installed onto the Xbox Box, and with Xbox Live, you can download missions to games such as Splinter Cell... I can see modding on consoles to become more popular soon.

Now we come to prices.

I have a AMD 64 2800+, 512MB DDram, 80Gig HD, 17" Monitor and a Geforce 4 ti4600 128 MB... This came to around Rs50,000 wholesale(bought Sept 2003)
A PS2 and Xbox, chipped, would come to around Rs22,000...There you have above-PC Standard gaming at a low price and games are now practically free. Don't get me wrong, I'm not ripping PC Gaming at all... I think it's awesome, however it's just too expensive and too tedious to have to always upgrade and worry about your systems performance in games when you can just buy a console and not have to hassle over that again!

All in all, in my opinion...Consoles are better for gaming then PC's. If you're going to reply to this thread, do so in a legible and intelligable way


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@mikael: Just want to point out an oversight on your part. You said IGN gave the Xbox DOOM 3 more points for its grpahics than the PC version. Agreed. But I guess you didn't the actual review carefully. An excerpt:

Let's be clear about it: Doom 3 on Xbox is by no means as good looking as the PC version. However, as Xbox games go, this easily ranks among the very best looking Xbox games to date.

PC gamers right away will notice little things missing, like the occasional barrel or crate, but more noticeable are the streamlined levels. Corridors, rooms, and whole outdoor sections have been snipped, shortened, and wherever it made reasonable sense, deleted. The first scene is the most telling, as you won't even go outside into the atmosphere of Mars. It's not a deal-breaker, and if you haven't played the PC version, you won't even know.

Yes, owners of a 6800 can still be proud ;)

If PC versions of console games don't look good as good as their console counterparts, it's not the PC's fault. It's because they were not ported well enough. :D
ashu888ashu888 wrote:
yup u r rite Sneha!

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Its quite useless comparing consoles to the pc.Anyone playing on a high end pc is as happy as someone playing on a console.Those with low and medium pc configurations will find the console experience better.


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Dudes, you don't consider the PSP at all even though it's an awesome piece of hardware and my favourite gaming platform (mainly because I can play on mine anywhere) :)


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@Mikael - Ur shifting way too far from the orginal topic.

@Death Dart - If you like to play games, console is really good .

And if you want to game a PC is good. Simple as that

But the point is that console thing is becoming obsolete, each of the next gen consoles are becoming like a PC.
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