Apple testing Android-like gesture-based lock screen for iOS


Apple has been working on a new gesture-based lock screen for iOS devices that works similarly to Android’s “dots” lock screen feature. The user sets up a pattern and needs to input that same pattern in, instead of a password or a four number code. Apple has already deployed this new lock screen internally for use in the employee ‘Apple Connect’ application for iOS devices.


There is no word on whether or not this new lock screen will make its way to iOS devices for users. We were told, though, that Apple will be pushing this lock screen down to some of their internal applications in the future. For example the applications retail-store employees use.


Apple is even planning on bringing this down to their new mobile payment system business, on the EasyPay machines. The lock screen looks just like Android’s lock screen, which Google probably has patents on, so this might never see the fingers of consumers. Three more screenshots of the system are after the break.

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i dont think they will add a feature which android has been using since years.....
they have a image of innovating something new rather than copying something from their biggest rivalry-ANDROID.......


The Chosen One
lol... apple copying from google...!! that's news... :p
By the way, I love pattern lock on my Galaxy. ;)

I am also trying to implement this in one of my apps.
(I am a android developer... :D)
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